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Fibrocor Therapeutics — Getting to the Core of Fibrosis

From its foundational world-class research, its attraction of global investment and global talent to its impending advancement of multiple programs into clinical development, portfolio company Fibrocor Therapeutics is positioned to be a leading global player in attacking fibrosis head-on — and in doing so, is embodying TIAP’s mission of transforming Ontario’s research enterprise into successful commercial ventures and new innovations impacting human health.

Earlier this week, Fibrocor announced a new research and development collaboration with the McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development (MSRD) to advance its program for Alport Syndrome, a rare disease caused by a genetic mutation resulting in the development of renal fibrosis and kidney failure with very limited treatment options (read the full release here). The partnership represents strong validation of Fibrocor’s target discovery platform and provides double-digit million dollar non-dilutive funding to cover the cost of clinical studies through Phase 1b. But although a major milestone for the company and an opportunity to further build its product pipeline, this valuable new partnership is only part of the Fibrocor story….

Based on research conducted at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Unity Health, Fibrocor was first supported by TIAP and partner Evotec through our LAB150 Program. This led to the emergence of the company’s lead program (FIB992), anticipated to enter clinical trials for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) by the end of this year. Now undertaking integrated drug discovery in collaboration with Evotec as well as IONTAS and Galapagos NV, Fibrocor is also looking to initiate clinical trials for a third compound, FIB991, for chronic allograft nephropathy in 2025.

Founded in 2017, with an exclusive license to tissue biobanks of kidney, liver and lung biopsies, differentiated by best-in-class longitudinal medical record data, Fibrocor’s approach to drug discovery program centres on these samples to identify and drug critical pathways in the fibrogenic process. The company’s target discovery platform thereby leverages one of the largest patient-derived clinically annotated biorepositories of fibrotic tissue, enabling the identification of novel disease targets and the development of a robust pipeline of first-in-class therapeutics. In diseases of fibrosis, excessive scar tissue formation disrupts normal organ function leading to impairment and eventually failure. Recognizing the severity and unmet need, Fibrocor confronts the challenges by combining its patient-derived target discovery platform with world-leading medicinal chemistry capabilities.

And such world-leading capabilities were built upon last year with the appointment of William P. Newsome III as President and Chief Executive Officer and recruitment of Piet Wigerinck as Chief Scientific Advisor. William P. Newsome III was one of the co-founders of Fibrocor when he was at Evotec and has remained closely involved with the company as a Non-Executive Director since 2018. Piet is a renowned pioneer in small molecule research for fibrosis and a highly experienced drug hunter, having successfully taken no less than four drugs (PrezistaTM, OlysioTM, JyselecaTM and RekambysTM) to market.

On speaking to the vision of Fibrocor, Newsome declared, “From the preclinical stage to clinical trials and beyond, Fibrocor remains dedicated to collaborating with patients, healthcare professionals, and industry partners to continue to refine and validate therapeutic candidates, ensuring they meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety. We aim to disrupt the status quo and provide hope to those affected by fibrotic diseases by reshaping the future of fibrosis treatment, ultimately making a meaningful difference in the lives of millions.”

To keep apprised of the next big steps for Fibrocor, follow them on LinkedIn — and for more information on the 70+ companies TIAP has invested in, click here.

TIAP would like to acknowledge the support of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) in enabling this success story.

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