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MI_trendmdIt’s been a busy quarter for UTEST company TrendMD. Fresh off their participation in Ycombinator’s Winter 2016 cohort, which was covered in TechCrunch, the company has announced partnerships with HighWire and Integra.

TrendMD, a Canadian start-up company, is a content recommendation engine for scholarly publishers. They work with over 2,000 medical journals by organizing and tailoring information to the appropriate audiences. This functionality creates several opportunities for various researchers to promote their research and clinical practices in their respective fields.

TrendMD launched through UTEST and participated in the second cohort. Applications are now open for cohort five.

Here is an excerpt from Research Information‘s article on the announcement of TrendMD’s partnership with HighWire:

A test conducted in July 2015 by TrendMD evaluated the impact of its article recommendations. In a single week, article views increased 28 per cent overall when the selected group of articles was compared to a control group, with 10 per cent attributed to standard recommendations and 18 per cent from publisher-sponsored article recommendations.

Paul Kudlow, TrendMD co-founder, said: ‘TrendMD recommendations are not based only on semantic and other typical criteria. We integrate what the user is reading at the moment and what other recommended articles he or she and others also clicked on from the TrendMD widget across all visits to articles on TrendMD’s network.

‘Collaborative filtering, like Amazon’s “other people also bought”, and personalisation based on reader interactions across the entire publisher network drive the recommendation engine.’

‘HighWire’s pragmatic innovation strategy is focused on delivering impactful solutions that solve real problems for publishers, editors, researchers and information professionals,’ said Dan Filby, CEO of HighWire Press. ‘We are pleased to partner with TrendMD to help our publishing partners increase discoverability of their research with this new integration.’

Here is another excerpt from Digital Book World regarding TrendMD’s partnership with Integra:

The platform integration with TrendMD enables Ingenta Connect publishers to drive traffic to their content online and grow their readership. TrendMD generates personalised on-site content recommendations, based on the articles that users, and likeminded peers, are reading. The partnership follows a successful pilot project which delivered a five per cent increase in overall article usage among 31 participating publishers and 96 journals.

Paul Kudlow, MD, Cofounder and CEO at TrendMD, said:

“Our partnership with Ingenta has already added 65,000 articles to the TrendMD Network and delivered high-quality referred visitors to participating publishers. During the pilot over 10,000 additional articles on Ingenta Connect were discovered by readers every month. Visitors from TrendMD recommendations viewed 2.2 articles per session and 38% also downloaded full text articles. We look forward to helping more readers discover journal articles directly related to their interests and attracting new readers for Ingenta’s publisher partners.”


Byron Russell, head of Ingenta Connect, said:

“There is so much quality content available online, yet very few ways of ensuring that the right people can access and read it. The inclusion of these latest two highly regarded and innovative tools will offer our publishers a new way of driving discoverability and broadening the reach and impact of their content. We are delighted to be working closely with TrendMD and ReadCube to ensure that the benefits of both tools are experienced and enjoyed by our publishers.”


Posted by Stephanie Meszaros, marketing and communications specialist.


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