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Dr. Raphael Hofstein
Dr. Raphael Hofstein, president & CEO, MaRS Innovation.

MaRS Innovation’s “model solves the two weakest points in tech transfer: the lack of dealflow and the ability to match public funding,” writes Thierry Heles in, “MaRS Innovation: A Unique Model for Tech Transfer,” for Global University Venturing.

This feature was also covered in Techopia.

The article, which includes an interview with Dr. Rafi Hofstein, president and CEO of MaRS Innovation, was published September 14, 2015.

Here’s an excerpt exploring the range of MI’s portfolio and Hofstein’s strategy for addressing technologies emerging in new areas:

In the beginning, Mars received primarily discoveries in the medical sector, but the balance has since shifted to 60% medically-oriented research and 40% for other areas. The medically-oriented discoveries, Hofstein elaborated, are a diverse set of technologies and include everything from drug development and molecular diagnostics to medical devices and healthcare IT.

The remaining 40% meanwhile cover “a smörgåsbord all the way from alternative energies and solar energy, and water reclamation to all sorts of mobile apps”.

Hofstein explained that diversity by pointing out: “The reason why it is so versatile is one privilege that we do not have: if someone comes to us from a member institution and says here is something that deals with new techniques for gold mining, I cannot tell them that I do not have the skill set in the office. If I do not have the skill set, I have to make sure I do have the skill set. So I have to be attentive to everything, regardless of the fact that it is very versatile.

The full article is posted on Global University Venturing.

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