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Diana Resetca

Senior Analyst, Technology & Venture Development

Diana Resetca joined TIAP as an Analyst, Technology and Venture Development in 2020 to support TIAP’s technology commercialization activities and the LAB150 program. She works closely with the members of the TIAP Life Sciences team, and researchers and principle investigators at TIAP’s Member Institutions. She performs scientific due diligence, researches market opportunities and analyses competitive landscapes to evaluate the commercialization potential of TIAP’s venture projects.

Prior to joining TIAP, Diana worked with a number of local AI and biotechnology startups and non-for profit organizations, where she provided deep scientific expertise as an analyst and scientific consultant. She is trained in cancer biology, proteomics, microfluidic device fabrication, structural biology and chemistry. In her academic work, Diana contributed to the development of novel mechanistic insights on key drivers of cancer progression and to drug discovery efforts for small-molecule anti-cancer therapeutics. She published 14 research articles, including papers in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, and Molecular Cell.

Diana holds an MSc in Chemistry from York University and a BSc in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Toronto.

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