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Cornerstone programs and funding offered by Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners (TIAP)

Researchers who choose to work with TIAP have access to a full range of programs and management support to get an invention off to a good start. TIAP’s main focus is on health science technologies emerging from our members. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact the technology transfer office at your institution.

When we take a technology into our portfolio, we provide all of the programs required to advance it to a more market-ready state. Our programs are centered around four main pillars: LAB150, UTEST, Venture Builder and Portfolio Management. For more information, please see below.

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TIAP’s experience team can help your technology realize its market potential.



LAB150 is co-managed by TIAP and Evotec SE for the purpose of providing drug discovery resources and expertise, thereby significantly reducing timelines and ensuring a greater success rate for potential therapeutics from the TIAP members to reach critical value creation milestones.The LAB150 program supports projects (pre-venture formation) to de-risk and validate therapeutic technologies to support pipeline development for sustainable venture creation in Canada.

Services Offered by the Program:

  • Scouting and identification of potential project opportunities
  • Due diligence and mentorship from seasoned drug discovery experts
  • Identification of critical experiments to support value creation
  • Development of detailed project plans, timelines and budgets
  • Support filing for intellectual property generated through the program
  • Project management to ensure successful project completion and reporting
  • Business development to identify potential partners and financing opportunities.

For more information on this program or to submit a project, please contact LAB150 at or visit

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TIAP, in partnership with the University of Toronto (UofT), supports and invests in startup companies based on technologies founded upon cutting-edge research from the University of Toronto and the affiliated teaching hospitals through The University of Toronto’s Early-Stage Technology (UTEST) Program. UTEST was selected as of one of seven true start-up accelerators in Canada by a MaRS Catalyst report. Betakit also profiled UTEST among eight other Canadian top accelerators and incubators, and BlogTO ranked it among Toronto’s Top 10 accelerators. Past graduates include Crowdmark, TrendMD, eQOL, Appulse Power, CoHealth and Legup Computing.

Services Offered by the Program:

  • Entrepreneurship training offered through the MaRS Discovery District
  • One-on-oine mentorship for all facets of a company’s business plan, including IP, business development, market analysis and strategy
  • Access to deep network of venture and angel investors
  • Legal services
  • 12 months of work space and meeting facilities

For more information on this program or to submit a project, please visit UTEST.

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Venture Builder

The TIAP Venture Builder (VB) program is the vehicle for company creation in situations outside UTEST and LAB150. VB will do the ground work to package health science technologies from the TIAP members to launch as new ventures. The overall objective of the VB program is to prepare the opportunity for seed investment from TIAP’s Portfolio Management program.

Services included in VB:

  • Development of a technology development plan
  • Development of a business plan
  • Business Development and market validation of opportunity
  • Identification of third-party investors/strategic partners to support seed financing
  • Covering of intellectual property costs
  • Qualified EIR’s and identification of leadership talent
  • Engagement of third-party consultants (regulatory, clinical, management as required)
  • Incorporation and licensing technology into new venture
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Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management program is designed to provide ventures with seed capital and governance oversight from TIAP. It also provides an opportunity for companies to leverage TIAP’s capabilities and infrastructure through management service agreements.

Services offered by the Program:

  • Access to seed financing of up to $500K (1:1 cash match required)
  • Senior TIAP leadership or independent director nominated by TIAP to serve on the board of directors
  • TIAP’s network of investors, strategic partners and Canadian ecosystem partners
  • Engagement with TIAP for management services (as a fee-for-service contract) to support:
    • IP Management
    • Financial and Accounting Services
    • Office space and infrastructure to support day to day corporate operations
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