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Amber Mac from Dx3 Canada interviewed Zack Fisch, CEO and co-founder of DashMD. In the video, Zack discusses DashMD’s vision for a better healthcare system and what the company is doing in order to improve the discharge process for patients.

About DashMD

Dash MDDash MD seeks to improve the quality of healthcare by providing patients with the necessary tools, information, and resources that they need to successfully traverse their own personal and individualized road to recovery. Their Patient Engagement Platform will be downloadable to patients in the form of a mobile app and provide patients with care-provider sanctioned instructions and task management tools to ensure that patients practice proper at-home self-care post-hospital visit. The information on the platform changes from care-center to care-center ensuring that patients only see care instructions specific to the hospital they were discharged from. Dash MD’s goal is to improve the quality and reach of care while simultaneously reducing unnecessary return visits and trips to hospital emergency departments and acute care settings.


By Stephanie Meszaros, marketing and communications specialist.

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