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Whirlscape LogoEmojis are widely used among several social networking platforms. Choosing the right emoji can sometimes be a challenge. With Dango, the choices are generated for you. Thinking is no longer necessary.

Whirlscape, the creator of Minuum (the one-row keyboard) and a graduate of the UTEST program, has created this messaging app that associates words with corresponding emojis and GIFS through the use neural networks.

Dango has been featured on Android Police.

floating appDango is a floating assistant that runs on your phone and predicts emoji, stickers, and even GIFs based on what you and your friends are saying within an app.

Dango is a neural network taught by randomly initializing parameters that shows real-world examples of emoji use from the web. When first installed, the network guesses randomly, but over time with each new training example, it slightly adjusts its millions of parameters so it performs better. After a few days on a top-of-the-line GPU, the network starts outputting more meaningful suggestions. There are many other subtle references and jokes that Dango understands, and it’s always learning to make sure it keeps up to date.

Read Co-Founder, Xavier Snelgrove, in-depth article on Dango and test it out for yourself here.

Dango example
A few examples of the subtle references and jokes that Dango understands.

The new Apple update, iOS 10, coming out this fall, has similar features to Dango in terms of the predictive emojis, stickers and GIFs for iMessage. Dango is currently only available on Google Play, meaning it is only for android phones. However, if you are a die hard Apple fan, get in contact with Whirlscape to find out if and when it will be released for the iPhone.

Dango is a fun, interesting and handy app if you like expressing your emotions with visuals, aka emojis, stickers and GIFs. You can download the app for free on the Play Store and you’ll never have to predict an emoji again!

By Stephanie Meszaros, marketing and communications specialist.

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