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Joel Liederman, MaRS Innovation’s vice-president of business development and commercialization, is Medical Devices Committee Chair this years BioTransfer conference in Toronto.

Joel Liederman, MaRS Innovation’s vice-president of Business Development and Commercialization for physical sciences, is attending BioTransfer 2014 on March 18 to chair the Medical Devices Committee.

This is the first year that Toronto is hosting the BioTransfer conference. Presenters at the one-day event will discuss biotherapeutics, diagnosis and medical technology. The conference’s goal is to share knowledge on current trends in the industry and to stimulate collaboration with private sector companies.

As chair, Liederman will open the medical devices committee panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon and give his insights on trends in the medical devices industry.

“Trends in medical devices are being heavily shaped by technical, demographic and economical factors, including an aging population with increasing healthcare needs, an overwhelmed regulatory system and increases in standard of living in developing nations,” says Liederman.

In addition to being an active participant at the conference, MaRS Innovation is also an event sponsor.

Posted by Kailee Travis, writer and communications assistant.  

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