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MaRS Innovation is supporting companies in OCAD U’s incubator at The Artist Project, an event exploring how innovation and technology intersect with people and design.

OCAD U, one of MaRS Innovation’s 16 member institutions, is participating in seventh annual showcase know as The Artist Project from February 20 to 23. The event demonstrates how art intersects with people, fashion and the environment.

MaRS Innovation is supporting several fashion installations through OCAD’s Imagination Catalyst in the Installation Zone, specifically artists Jennifer Ilett and MeU.

Jennifer Ilett, in collaboration with Sprout Guerrilla, will be showcasing a special moss graffiti art installation that combines technical, digital techniques and imagery with the natural media of living plant life.

MeU will present a fashion, art and technology installation showcasing wearable LED display on clothing.

Both artists will participate in the event’s opening night with a fashion performance.

“MaRS Innovation is proud to support OCAD’s artists,” said Dr. Raphael Hofstein, president and CEO. “Products that marry strong design with disruptive technology have the power not just to change but also to refine our experience of our world. We are excited to work with OCAD and its artists to help lead the next wave of design-driven technology in Toronto.”

The Artist Project showcases over 5000 original works from 250 artists in collage, digital media, mixed media and textile art.

The Information Catalyst is OCAD U’s entrepreneurship and commercialization hub.

By Kailee Travis, writer and communications assistant. 

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