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Bedside Clinical Systems and their flagship product, Bedside PEWS™, were featured in the February 2014 issue of Hospital News.

Bedside Clinical Systems‘ (BCS) flagship product, the Bedside Paediatric Warning System or BedSidePEWS, was covered in the February 2014 edition of Hospital News.

The article, written by Rajesh Sharma who is president and CMO of BCS, explains how the technology helps decrease the amount of code blues in paediatric patients.

Invented by Dr. Christopher Parshuram of the Hospital of Sick Children (SickKids), Bedside PEWS™ is now in three hospitals in Canada, the United States and New Zealand. The technology received FDA approval last year.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

The program digitally logs, charts, and evaluates seven vital sign items thst sre part of routine clinical assessments and then summarizes them into a singly score. From the BedsidePEWS score, care providers can better match the level of care with the patient’s required needs, thereby improving patient outcomes and reducing the number of urgent calls, code blue incidents and related deaths.

“Identifying at-risk patients is significant since approximately 5,000 children in North America experience a code blue event each year, from which too many children die or sustain neurological deficit. BedsidePEWS hopes to improve outcomes for these patients and their families,” says Dr. Parshuram.

BedSidePEWS is currently being used in a Canadian, U.S., and New Zealand hospital. Unlike other systems, BedsidePEWS can be used on all pediatric patients regardless of their condition. It is the only FDA cleared system that demonstrates the strength of science and technology which were validated through a five-year clinical study.

Nurses who have used BedsidePEWS as a system of care note an elevation in their critical thinking skills. Through continued use of the system, nurses can recognize the score trends that are acceptable for specific patient populations and when their patient’s score falls out of that predictable trend, they understand the need to immediately take action to ensure that a patient’s condition does not deteriorate.

The full article is available on Hospital News‘ website. Hospital News is a national publication that targets healthcare providers and staff in every hospital in Canada.

Posted by Kailee Travis, writer and communications assistant. 

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