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CellaxThe Cellax technology was profiled in a recent issue of  SciBX (subscription necessary). MaRS Innovation is mentioned in the article as the technology’s commercialization agent.

Here’s an excerpt:

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research scientists have developed glycopolymer-conjugated docetaxel nanoparticles that outperform Abraxane in mouse models of breast cancer. The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) is backing the program with $1.5 million to take it to the clinic. The expectation is that the product’s ability to target the tumor stroma rather than the tumor itself will differentiate it from Abraxane and other chemotherapeutic formulations.”

MaRS Innovation’s MSc PoP program was cited in a National Post supplemental article, “Ontario’s Medical Technology Cluster is Just What the Doctor Ordered” [Editor’s note: this story is no longer posted online] on the partnership between MI and the Ontario Centres of Excellence to deliver the funds to deserving medical sciences projects.

Here’s an excerpt:

Ontario Centres of Excellence--Where Next HappensAnd this fall, Ontario Centres of Excellence and MaRS Innovation will deliver a two-year proof of principle (PoP) program for early-stage medical sciences projects. The program will stimulate the active commercialization of biomedical and life sciences research by bridging the development gap to help attract investment and development partners from industry and the venture community as well as build institutional commercialization capacity and expertise in the life sciences.

Posted by Elizabeth Monier-Williams, marketing and communications manager.

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