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Minuum #2 top paid new Android App on Google Play store
Minuum (icon second from left) is  the #2 Top Paid New Android App on the Google Play store. Graphic courtesy of Whirlscape Inc.

The Minuum keyboard, which made its public debut in the Google Play Store on August 21, 2013, has already reached #2 position in Google’s “Top New Paid Android Apps” list. The keyboard is the only non-game currently in that list’s top 10.

In the “Top Paid in Android Apps” general category, Minuum is already #9. The keyboard, made by Whirlscape Inc., has a four-star rating among users.

“We’re pleased by the reception Minuum is earning from Android users,” said Will Walmsley, Whirlscape CEO. “With the valuable feedback we received from our initial Indiegogo supporters, we’ve delivered a strong beta but continue to respond to user questions on our support boards. Our next challenge will be adapting Minuum to languages other than English.”

Minuum is the lead product of Whirlscape Inc., a Toronto-based high-technology start-up incubated in the University of Toronto’s Early-Stage Technology (UTEST) program.

MaRS Innovation and the University of Toronto’s Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) jointly lead the UTEST program.

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By Elizabeth Monier-Williams, marketing and communications manager.

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