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MI start-up ApneaDx Inc. among program’s first round of participants

Mars_logo_3000x3000The first three companies selected to participate in the MaRS EXCITE program aim to improve outcomes for breast cancer, sleep apnea and drug-resistant hypertension.

The Excellence in Clinical Innovation and Technology Evaluation (EXCITE) initiative helps companies accelerate the adoption and reimbursement of innovative health technologies through a single, harmonized, pre-market, evidence-based process.

EXCITE has selected ApneaDx Inc., Medtronic of Canada Ltd. and Rna Diagnostics Inc. as the program’s initial participants.

ApneaDX Corporate Logo

ApneaDx is a MaRS Innovation start-up company.

Here’s an excerpt from the release:

“MaRS’ EXCITE program works with industry experts in close collaboration with the Ontario healthcare system and leading academic health centres to develop path-breaking protocol designs and implement new partnerships,” said Ilse Treurnicht, CEO, MaRS Discovery District, and member of MaRS Innovation’s Board of Directors. “We are delighted to now bring these innovative technologies one step closer to improving the health and well-being of Ontarians. In addition, the health system is providing critical validation for Ontario’s leading medtech innovations, which in turn will enable adoption elsewhere.”

EXCITE selects technologies primarily based on their potential to substantially improve clinical outcomes for patients or lower system costs, compared with current approaches.

. . .

ApneaDx Inc. has created an easy-to-use, affordable home-based device for diagnosing sleep apnea, a condition characterized by abnormal (or cessation of) breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea is also associated with a high risk of heart attack and stroke. Currently, it is estimated that 85 per cent of sleep apnea cases are undiagnosed. The ApneaDx Portable Home Sleep Apnea Device allows patients to collect quality data about their breathing patterns in their own home, reducing the burden on overnight sleep clinics.

The full EXCITE press release is available on the MaRS Discovery District website.

Posted by Elizabeth Monier-Williams, marketing and communications manager.

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