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Flybits’ Context-Aware and Intelligent Mobility Solutions on exhibit Feb. 25 to 28, Canadian Pavilion, Stand 7F50, Booth 14

Flybits Corporate LogoTORONTO, Canada (Feb. 14, 2013)Flybits, a start-up company that develops context-aware and intelligent mobility solutions, today announced that they will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2013 to launch a revolutionary mobile product called Flybits LITE.

Flybits LITE, an innovative Platform as a Service (PaaS), enables the quick creation and deployment of context-aware mobile computing applications for enterprises without the dependency of dedicated infrastructure. This unified and scalable platform, which provides personalized and relevant content to mobile users, will be officially launched and showcased throughout the Mobile World Congress event.

Hossein Rahnama, CEO of Flybits Inc. and professor at Ryerson University
Dr. Hossein Rahnama, founder and CEO of Flybits Inc. and professor at Ryerson University.

Flybits’ Founder and CEO, Dr. Hossein Rahnama, was recognized in 2012 by the MIT Technology Review for his work on the Flybits platform, which focuses on context-aware and cloud computing platforms that can provide relevant information to mobile users while giving them full control of their privacy.

With a growing corporate and public interest in Flybits technology, Rahnama was identified as one of the world’s top innovators under the age of 35 (TR35) along with the founders of Dropbox, Spotify and Pinterest.

Curious about how to pitch the MIT Technology Review’s EMTech audience? Read about and click through to watch Rahnama’s Flybits pitch. In 2012, Rahnama also did a technology demo for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales during his visit to Canada.

Employing a suite of patent-protected context-aware technologies, the Flybits platform and applications deliver relevant, timely and location-based information to targeted mobile users in real-time.

The Flybits mobile interface
The Flybits LITE mobile interface.

Flybits LITE empowers consumers to create and consume information in new ways with social and local functionality. Using Flybits LITE, mobile users can create zones instantaneously to provision mobile applications and services using an intuitive and visual web-based interface. Flybits LITE follows a social-driven architecture that allows enhanced collaboration and interaction between users.

The Flybits platform, Flybits Activity Recognition Engine (FARE) enables Ubiquitous Relevance: whereby any location on earth – whether building, city or country – can become smart and relevant spaces. This new-found layer of connectivity identifies each physical location or zone as a geo-fenced app store that can deliver relevant and customized information to its associated users, the public and private application repositories.

The Flybits platform’s core features include:

  • Disseminating information to users in real-time through the creation of semantic-driven, rule-oriented geo-fences (known as Zones).
  • Associating business rules, content and logic with Flybits Apps through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Safeguarding user privacy in accordance with Privacy by Design Guidelines.
  • Customizable real-time and passive mobile analytics, resulting in the delivery of improved content, services and user behavior insight.

“Flybits technology is changing how people use their mobile devices and helping them to address the issue of information overload by understanding their surrounding context and respecting their privacy,” said Rahnama. “I am proud that this redefinition of innovation is emerging from the Flybits portfolio and look forward to the industry’s response at Mobile World Congress.”

Flybits will be stationed at stand 7F50, booth 14 in the Ontario, Canada pavilion at the Fira Gran Via, Barcelona  from Feb. 25 to 28, 2013.

About Flybits

Flybits Corporate LogoFlybits was founded by Dr. Hossein Rahnama, along with a team of Ryerson University Computer Science graduates, to commercialize a cloud-based platform for creating applications that deliver the ultimate mobile user experience. The company’s core middleware platform, FARE (Flybits Activity Recognition Engine) enables enterprises to benefit globally from Ubiquitous Relevance™: customers, employees, supplier – everyone receives timely and tailored information when needed. Flybits creates opportunities – connecting people and places to possibilities™.

Flybits is a spin-off company of Ryerson University with the participation of MaRS Innovation. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with an office in the United Kingdom.

By Rachel Miadovnik, Marketing & Communications, Flybits Inc. Republished with permission.

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