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Company to Present on Social Media Behavior and Deep Root Cause Analysis at iStrategy Toronto December 4

TORONTO (December 4, 2012) — Companies are drowning in a sea of big, unstructured, noisy data. Whether it’s social media chatter, email or survey results, how do you filter the noise and take action?

Kaypok Inc., a company spun off from York University research with support and funding from MaRS Innovation, uses a contextual natural language process to automatically interpret the meaning of raw data — without analysts, advance preparation, special databases or lag time.

Read the start-up company profile of Kaypok Inc. on the MaRS Innovation website.

Razieh Niazi, founder and CEO of Kaypok Inc.
Razieh Niazi, founder and CEO of Kaypok Inc.

“Kaypok™ filters, categorizes, identifies meaning and measures the root cause and emotions buried within unstructured text to understand what people are saying and feeling,” said Razieh Niazi, founder and CEO.

Niazi, an experienced entrepreneur in her native Iran, developed the technology during her Ph.D. candidacy at York University. “Kaypok™ allows users to spend less time analyzing their data and more time acting on unbiased, real results,” says Niazi. While other services tell you what and how many, Kaypok™ can tell you why consumers behave the way they do.”

In less than three months, the company has partnered with leading financial, entertainment and communications companies to produce real-world case studies and trials that demonstrate the power of its technology.

Howard Morton, Kaypok Inc.
Howard Morton

Howard Morton, a board advisor and shareholder in the start-up company, will unveil Kaypok’s™ groundbreaking capability at Toronto’s iStrategy conference. The iStrategy digital marketing conference was selected as an ideal venue to introduce Kaypok’s capability with senior executives who believe that their business’s success requires a sound digital strategy.

Big data is an issue many companies are wrestling with — from telecommunications to multi-national financial institutions,” said Morton. “At the iStrategy iPitch session at 4pm, we’ll share how Kaypok’s™ software engine allows organizations to make sense of that overwhelming data in a way that can inform business, customer service and marketing strategies. This software is intelligent enough to identify key informational trends without subjective parameters — insight that, at this point in time, is unobtainable without extensive manual analysis.”

About Kaypok Inc.

Kaypok Inc. is a leading big data technology start-up being commercialized through a partnership between MaRS Innovation and Innovation York, the commercialization office for York University. The software’s high-performance algorithm transforms noisy, unstructured big data by automatically filtering and categorizing text regardless of source (e.g., email, survey results, social interactions, etc.). Kaypok™ allows companies to determine the root causes and underlying emotions driving their customers’ feedback. Visit follow us on Twitter @KaypokInc or call 1-877-9KAYPOK to learn how we can help you find the root of your data insight.

Posted by Elizabeth Monier-Williams, marketing and communications manager.

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