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Toronto Skyline at Night
Toronto Skyline at Night.

The University of Toronto’s news site has posted a brief snapshot of Toronto’s entrepreneurial scene, highlighting the university’s historical and current innovative strengths.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Entrepreneurs don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to become the next great business success story. Toronto now ranks fourth among the world’s top 25 start-up ecosystems, according to Start-up Genome, a project that maps the success rates of start-ups. Toronto ranks just behind Silicon Valley, New York City and London.

.  . .

U of T, a hub within the Toronto ecosystem, has always been an innovation leader. The University’s discoveries alone have led to the establishment of nearly 250 spin-off companies. In 2011 alone, 25 start-up companies were launched and generated almost 200 new invention disclosures.

MaRS Innovation and the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine are mentioned in the concluding paragraph as key partners in U of T’s strategy moving forward.

U of T is a MaRS Innovation member institution.

Posted by Elizabeth Monier-Williams, marketing and communications manager

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