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U.K. Trade and Investment (UKTI) has posted a Youtube video featuring Canadian companies looking to expand their operations to Britain.

Flybits, a Mars Innovation spin-off company, was among three companies to be profiled:

Flybits is launching a corporate presence in East London’s Tech City, which is also known as the Silicon Roundabout.

The news was first announced during His Royal Highness Prince Charles‘ visit to Canada in May. The prince received a personal demonstration of Flybits’ mobile technology from Founder and CEO Hossein Rahnama during a visit to Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone. Rahama, a professor at Ryerson, is also the DMZ’s research director.

Flybits has received considerable support from UKTI and will continue this collaboration as their European operations intensify.

The video is part of UKTI Canada’s Global Adventure contest. The organizers are seeking Canada’s most promising and innovative technologies companies to introduce those companies to London’s vibrant tech hub, Tech City, through a three-day tour.

The contest closes June 29, 2012.

About Flybits

Flybits is a software company that designs and develops cloud-based and context-aware mobile solutions that are adaptive and scalable. Flybits is a world leader in developing front end/back end mobile application development platforms that simultaneously support both the consumer and enterprise market sectors. Flybits FARE (Flybits Activity Recognition Engine) is a proprietary, patent protected solution that allows developers to rapidly and cost-effectively build and deploy intelligent and adaptive applications. FARE allows companies to graphically “plug in” their business rules and compose new behaviors for their mobile applications in different situations and locations. Leveraging many years R&D, Flybits solutions have been used to develop and deploy large-scale solutions in verticals such as: opportunistic social networks, retail solutions, e-health, unified communications, intelligent transport systems, airports simplified passenger travel solutions and manufacturing.

Posted by Elizabeth Monier-Williams, marketing and communications manager.

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