Zucara Therapeutics

Zucara Therapeutics Inc., a start-up company founded by  TIAP (then MaRS Innovation) and The Centre for Drug Research and Development, is developing ZT-01, a first-in-class therapeutic to prevent insulin-induced hypoglycemia in patients using insulin therapy. ZT-01 is designed to inhibit somatostatin, a pancreatic hormone that impairs the glucagon response to hypoglycemia in people with insulin-dependent diabetes. ZT-01 restores glucagon release to prevent hypoglycemia, which could dramatically change diabetes disease management and improve both patient health and quality of life. 

In May 2021, Zucara successfully completed Phase I study showing that ZT-01 is safe and well-tolerated. See press release here.

In June 2022, Zucara announced highly positive results from its proof-of-concept Phase 1b trial of ZT-01 in people with Type 1 diabetes (“T1D”). Please see the press release here. Why this news is important:

  • This trial confirms ZT-01’s mechanism of action in restoring glucagon release in patients with T1D.
  • First-in-class ZT-01, meaningfully restored glucagon release in nearly 90% of treated patients compared to placebo (p<0.0001). This therapy has the potential to become the first therapeutic to prevent hypoglycemia in people with insulin-dependent diabetes.
  • Positive results from this trial will enable Zucara to further evaluate ZT-01 in a multi-center Phase 2 trial in the U.S. and Canada; the Company plans to file the required regulatory applications by the end of this year.