Vasomune Therapeutics

Vasomune Therapeutics is a private early-stage biotechnology company developing the next generation of medicines to harness the body’s ability to defend against illness by modifying the host vascular response.  The company is transitioning in the near term to the clinic with a novel therapeutic approach to ARDS that involves targeting a signaling molecule in the vasculature. ARDS is a life-threatening condition that can develop after pneumonia, trauma, shock and sepsis, and is also the leading cause of death for patients infected with coronavirus (COVID-19). The combined annual incidence of ARDS is approximately 370,000 patients per year in the US and EU with an average mortality rate of 40%. At present, there are no effective therapeutics to treat ARDS.

AV-001 is an investigational medicine designed to activate the Tie2 receptor and restore normal barrier defense in the vasculature. Vascular dysfunction is associated with the pathology of several disease states, including acute lung injury, acute kidney injury, hemorrhagic fever, sepsis and diabetic nephropathy.

Vasomune’s head office and laboratories are located in Toronto, Canada.