Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites

Environmentally-friendly aqueous nano-crystalline cellulose-polypyrrole (NCC PPy) and polyaniline (NCC PANI) colloids that can be used to produce electrically conductive coatings and films that range from optically transparent to opaque. Nano-crystalline cellulose is a renewable, recyclable and abundant material made of cellulose fibers from the wood pulp manufacturing process. Professor Yan has developed a novel chemical process to produce nano-scale composite particles in an aqueous solution. NCC-PPy composite films drastically reduce the amount of monomer required. Their mechanical and optical properties are excellent and they are versatile to a variety of application methods, such as dipping, painting, spraying, etc.


  • Professor Ning Yan


National Phase Patent Filings in United States of America, Canada, European Union and China; the team is actively seeking industry partners to explore this new material’s benefits in their business and to collaboratively develop commercial applications.